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MSc (Occupational Psychology), BSc (Hons) Psychol, MAC



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So what is coaching?

There are a very wide range of coaching specialisms, Pamela focuses particularly on the following:

Business/Executive Coaching involves improving performance at work. Executive Coaching is also about the psychology of excellence – that is making what is already good even better! Pamela is able to combine her first hand practical business experience, drawn from both the public and private sectors, with her Coaching expertise and as a result has helped individuals and businesses achieve their goals at the highest levels.
Key Issues - 'Modelling Excellence' in order to achieve excellent performance. Exploring and resolving psychological and emotional issues that may inhibit performance and achievement of potential; Resolving dilemmas that individuals face with regard to fulfilling their potential.

Career Coaching involves helping you focus on what you would like to do as a career, what career changes might be possible and how to effect these changes. Pamela will help you to assess your abilities, define your work values, explore your interests and may assess aspects of your personality and then combine this information to define new career ideas for you. This is carried out in an intensely practical way, without losing sight of constraints that you may have – financial, family, location and so on…
Key issues - Helping individuals to understand their particular 'capability package'- values, personality, skill set, experience and knowledge

Your career path?
When ability and interest collide... magic happens!!!!

Pamela is an AC Accredited Coach

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